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Empire White Mountain Hearth Wall Thimble Cover - SD46DVADC

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Empire White Mountain Hearth Wall Thimble Cover

The Insulated wall thimble is used when penetrating a combustible wall. The insulation adds an extra layer of protection for a safer installation.

Weight: 2 lbs.



Ask a Question
  • The picture on your website shows the stove pipe going out the wall and there’s cover. How does this work?

    It conceals the stove pipe where it exits through the wall, providing both protection and a polished appearance to your installation. 

    Functionally, the wall thimble cover shields the stove pipe as it passes through the wall, preventing heat transfer to combustible materials and ensuring a safe clearance around the pipe.

    Aesthetically, it improves the appearance of the stove pipe installation by hiding any gaps or rough edges around the wall penetration, resulting in a tidy and polished look for your fireplace or stove setup


  • Is this set up safe for vinyl siding? As in no melting? Fire hazard

    Yes, It is safe for vinyl siding, ensuring no melting or fire hazard.