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DuraVent - DirectVent Pro 5"x8" Counter Flashing

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DuraVent - DirectVent Pro 5"x8" Counter Flashing

Introducing the DuraVent DirectVent Pro 5"x8" Counter Flashing, a premium solution for ensuring a secure and watertight installation of your DirectVent Pro chimney system. Crafted with exceptional quality and designed for superior performance, this counter flashing is a must-have component for any professional or DIY enthusiast looking to protect their roof and chimney system.

The DuraVent DirectVent Pro 5"x8" Counter Flashing is expertly engineered to provide a precise fit for your 5"x8" venting system. Made from durable and corrosion-resistant materials, it guarantees long-lasting durability, even in harsh weather conditions. Whether you're dealing with rain, snow, or wind, this flashing offers reliable protection to prevent water leaks and maintain the integrity of your roofing structure.

Installing the counter flashing is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly design. It seamlessly integrates with your DirectVent Pro chimney system and provides a secure seal around the vent pipe, ensuring a watertight barrier. The carefully engineered construction not only prevents water from seeping into your home but also inhibits any potential damage caused by moisture buildup, including mold and mildew growth.

This counter flashing not only excels in functionality but also boasts an attractive aesthetic. Its sleek design and clean lines effortlessly blend with any roof type or architectural style, enhancing the overall visual appeal of your home. Whether you have a traditional or modern property, this flashing adds a touch of sophistication while offering dependable protection.

Furthermore, the DuraVent DirectVent Pro 5"x8" Counter Flashing is backed by DuraVent's renowned reputation for excellence in chimney and venting solutions. As a trusted industry leader, DuraVent ensures that every product undergoes rigorous testing and meets or exceeds the highest standards of quality and performance. With this counter flashing, you can have peace of mind, knowing that you've invested in a reliable and top-notch product.

Typical Installations(Refer this if required):

Refer to our Typical Venting Installation drawings to select the appropriate component parts for your installation.


Planning Your Installation:

1 For vertical gas stove installations, measure the height from the stove outlet to the ceiling to determine the length of black pipe required. Select a ceiling support/wall thimble cover or a cathedral ceiling support box.
2 To determine the length of galvanized pipe required, measure the ceiling thickness and the vertical rise in an attic or second story. Firestops are required at each floor level beyond the first floor ceiling support/wall thimble cover or cathedral ceiling support box. If an offset is required to avoid obstructions, use a pair of 45° elbows. For proper support, use elbow straps with offsets. Use wall straps for long vertical runs. Attic Insulation Shield is required in attic.
3 Measure the roof pitch. Select the proper flashing and storm collar. Determine the minimum height above the roof.
4 For horizontal installations, check the appliance manufacturer’s instructions for minimum rise and maximum horizontal run. A snorkel termination may be used if height restrictions prevent adequate rise above the appliance. Select the appropriate Horizontal Termination Cap (see appliance manufacturer installation instructions). To protect vinyl siding, select vinyl siding standoff. Check appliance manufacturer’s instructions for wall thimble and firestop requirements.

Design Recommendations

  • The following design recommendations are general guideline to assist in the design and selection of venting components for your installation. Always follow DuraVent Installation instructions enclosed with the cap or support box before installing your chimney system. Installation instructions can be viewed online at, under Catalogs and Instructions. Important: Check the manufacturer’s rating plate and instruction manual to confirm that the DuraVent direct vent system is approved for use on the brand name appliance you have selected.
  • The inner and outer pipe diameters should match the outlet size of the appliance.
  • Check the appliance manufacturer’s installation instructions to confirm which types of vent configurations are permitted (i.e. horizontal, vertical, chimney reline, etc.). Also, check for any venting restrictions such as maximum horizontal run, minimum and maximum vertical rise, maximum offset, etc.
  • Be fire safe! Maintain at least the minimum clearances (air-space) between the vent pipe and nearby combustibles, as specified in the appliance manufacturer’s installation instructions. Use proper support and bracing. Follow local building codes and have your venting system inspected.



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