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Wood fireplaces are serving our homes with coziness and comfort for centuries. Fireplaces are the house's focal point, providing guests with rest, light, and entertainment. In the last years, more options have been created for homeowners, like a wide array of fuel types, structures, visual special effects, and extra options. There are different types of wood fireplaces; some fireplaces warm a single room and provide you with heat and comfort, some fireplaces are efficient to heat a small home, and some are just used for decoration; they will not produce heat that warms the room or house. You can build fireplaces on the large stone mantle or small enough to show on the coffee table. The variety you may see is awesome, but choosing the right wood fireplace for your home is your choice. When choosing the perfect fireplace, remember the choice of fuel, which defines safety, convenience, efficiency, and cost. After selecting fuel, there are also many factors to consider: vent system, mounting, and display options. This guide will help you to choose the best fireplaces for your home and understand the types of wood fireplaces.

Types of Wood Fireplaces

Open Hearth Fireplaces

Open hearth fireplace and indoor open wood-burning fireplace give the classic image of a fireplace all over history. We can also know it with masonry fireplace, made of stone or brick and which is an open-faced fireproof box that is fixed into house walls with a chimney that eliminates the smoke to wood. It is a great option for those who love to watch the fire's light, feel the heat and listen to the crackling sound of wood. Open-hearth fireplaces are best for outdoor spaces, cabins, and living rooms. Its cost depends on the size and style you select.


Open-hearth fireplaces are the perfect choice for those who want to recreate the environment of old-world luxury.

You can spend some quality time in front of the open wood fireplace with a mug of coffee.


Open-face fireplaces are a good choice and look beautiful, but fire can also harm your children and pets. If you leave the fireplace unattended, you should have a fire screen or door you can close.

Closed Hearth Fireplaces

Closed hearth fireplaces are also a great choice for your home; it is similar to the open hearth in design and form; the only difference is that it has a layer of protective glass between you and the fire. You can enjoy the fire comfortably without the risk of catching an errant spark with the crackling log. Fireplaces with security and safety make them more popular and a choice for owners to buy them. An added layer of glass won't cost more than the open hearth fireplaces; they both cost in the same range. Closed hearth fireplaces are a great choice for chalet resorts and living rooms. Their cost also depends on the size and style you choose.

Majestic Wood Cabinet Majestic - 400 Size Barrington Wood, Dark Walnut-BWC400-DW-A BWC400-DW-A
Majestic Wood Cabinet Majestic - 400 Size Barrington Wood, Dark Walnut-BWC400-DW-A BWC400-DW-A


Its main advantage is to provide safety from the rising sparks and flames of fire.

You can enjoy the atmosphere without any risk due to the protective glass layer.


If you want your fireplace to work as you bought it, you should clean the glass layer as per its needed cleanliness.

Prefabricated Wood Burning Fireplace

Prefabricated wood-burning fireplaces are popular due to their efficiency. Old masonry fireplaces hold less heat efficiency of 10%, while prefabricated fireplaces produce more heat efficiency of 70% to 80%. They are known as high-heat producers. They are lighter in weight and cost less expensive materials like faux stone and brick.


Prefab wood burning has many styles and colors; you can match them according to your home style and colors. If you are wondering about your home remodeling, it is the best option to give a finishing touch to your home.

Gas Log Sets

A realistic gas log set is best if you want a real wood-burning fire. These fireplaces are great choices when mounting a TV above the fireplace. You can also take this firewood outdoors to create a poll fire pit combo. You can place faux wood fireplaces where you want to place them. Gas log sets are great for placing them outdoors, in living rooms, and in bedrooms. They are very affordable, not expensive.


Majestic Wood Burning Fireplace Majestic - 42
Majestic Wood Burning Fireplace Majestic - 42
Majestic Wood Burning Fireplace Majestic - 42
Majestic Wood Burning Fireplace Majestic - 42

Majestic - 42" Radiant Wood Burning Fireplace w/herringbone brick pattern-SB80HB

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Gas log sets provide great warmth like wood fireplaces by just pushing the button.

They require less maintenance.


It's the best option, but you may miss the crackling sound and atmosphere of wood fireplaces.


They are heating units that can be fit into the free space and change the existing fireplace into a highly proficient zone heater and blowers that will circulate heat into the room and provide coziness. Fireplace inserts are of 5 types gas inserts, coal inserts, wood inserts, pellet inserts, and electric inserts. Fireplace inserts provide slow but 5 hours of uninterrupted heat and are also limited in design. You can buy fireplace inserts in that case if you have a fireplace opening in your home and you want to fit something into it.


It consumes less fuel. It has a heating efficiency of 80%.


They are undoubtedly the best option, but Acucraft does not offer them.

Wood Fire Stove

Woodfire stoves are a long-term investment; they are closed-combustion systems like fireplace inserts, but they are self-supporting. They would not require existing space to fit; they require a hearth pad and concrete slab to fit in. they are used in homes and cabins. Wood fireplaces have been used for many years but are not recommended by some custom specialists.


They provide you with heat when the power is outs.

Lowers the carbon emission

It is best or cheap for those whose source is free wood


They cost expensive and increase the dust amount in the home.

Which Wood Fireplace Is Best To Choose?

Open-hearth fireplaces are the best to choose from if you are looking for a warm environment, then they are the best option to choose from. However, closed fireplaces are undoubtedly a great option due to their high energy efficiency and can harm you less due to the glass layer between you and the fire. Close fireplaces are attractive in style, safer in use, and collect less dirt than open hearth fireplaces.

ConclusionWood fireplaces have been serving our homes for years. You can feel comfort and coziness by sitting in front of wood fireplaces. It's the best way to gather all the family members and enjoy by having a gossip. Wood fireplaces light up your rooms, bedrooms, and outdoors. Moreover, in the above article, we have discussed the types of wood fireplaces that will help you to choose the best option for warming your home.