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Fireplaces provide heat, light, comfort, and coziness and become a decorative element for living rooms. Fireplaces are a great idea to enhance your home value and ambience and make your room more attractive. Everyone wants to spend time with friends and family, so installing fireplaces is a great idea to chat with them and enjoy the cold weather by sitting in front of the fire. There are different fireplaces; some provide heat to the whole house, some only warm a single room, and some are used as a decorative option and provide no heat. The choice of fireplace depends on your cost and your home style.

 Below is the article; we provide you with different decorative options for different fireplaces, and you can adopt them according to your space. This guide will help you to narrow down your choice to find the perfect decorative idea for your fireplace. These fireplace ideas will make your place timeless, eye-catching, and stylish no matter what time of year it is.

Decorative Ideas for Different Type of Fireplaces

You can decorate the fireplaces with different creative methods.

Ethanol Burning

Ethanol-burning fireplaces are becoming a modern trend; they are easy to handle, odor-less, and cost-effective. They are a good choice for you to try ethanol-burning fireplaces on wall mounted and will look like an art piece; it also provides you with heat. You can also place ethanol-burning fireplaces on a table and the floor because they are free-standing. These types of fireplaces are portable and can carry from one room to another because they vary in size. Ethanol-burning fireplaces can also add a creative interior ambience and be hung on the wall.

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Electric Fireplaces

Electric fireplaces gained approbation due to their heat efficiency and cost. They are easy to maintain and remote control: their heat can be controlled by remote. Electric fireplaces are designed with attractive frameworks with unique and traditional designs that can reach the ceiling. They are used for multi-functionality purposes for storage built-in like figurines, tabletop designs and a TV set. Electric fireplaces are like metal boxes; they can fit into a wall and enhance your wall's attractiveness. They are also portable, like ethanol-burning fireplaces, and can be carried to any room, whether in a bedroom or basement. You can put them in a corner on drawers and use these fireplaces as corner units.

Wood Burning Fireplaces

These fireplaces not only give you warmth and comfort but also increase your home value and give it a traditional look. All the fireplaces are used only in cold seasons, so make it an all-year-round attraction by adding decoration on the wall or near the fireplaces. You can decorate the wood-burning fireplaces with stone veneer, showing the facade using the traditional touch-rich building method by piling stones. It will not cost much or be difficult but give your fireplace a classy look. Wood-burning fireplaces can be designed by placing a flat screen above the mantel or on a brick fireplace will also create a unique look and entertainment. Corner wood-burning fireplaces are also a great idea to décor the small room and make it seem cozy. You can also decorate your wood-burning stove with a dramatic black wood burner and put it on a hearth of black tiles. Leave precision-pointed bricks behind the stove and fix a solid wood mantelpiece. Paint the wall with white or cream color paint to enhance attractiveness. Metal artwork will also enhance the look of wood fireplaces in various styles and colors. Keep a metal bucket near the fireplace; it will complement the metallic wall. Pale blue walls, gold-framed mirrors and artwork, and DIY wall paneling ideas will take a fireplace to a new level.

Gas Burning Fireplaces

Gas-burning fireplaces add warmth and coziness and give your home a traditional look. Gas fireplaces come with elaborate decors and a flat surface on which you can place vases or decorative centerpieces. The unique see-through design from Ortal-hearth has a window that opens outside and shows what is going inside. Also, a cool wall inside the fireplace is used to hang artwork and electronics. Circular gas fireplaces enhance the beauty of large living rooms. You can show it as the centerpiece. Modular gas fireplaces can be fitted in the center, giving the home a modern look. Fire bowl fireplaces are best to select for small spaces. Bowl is made of cast concrete and has an incredibly sleek look. Fireplaces like Fire bowls can be placed outdoors to enjoy the fire if you have limited space.

There are some other decoration methods for any type of fireplaces that are given below;

Stylish Fireplace Glass Idea

You can also enhance the beauty of your fireplace by decorating it with rocks. Fire glass, fire crystals or fireplace glass are decorative bits of rocks, glass or crystals. They are fixed in fireplaces to make a modern, clean, unique and lovely appearance. This creative idea is best for decorating gas fireplaces. You can select different colors of fire glass to décor your gas fireplaces. Choose a perfect color that will shine in the room and match your fireplace frame. Select dark copper-gold lava colors if you want your room to look more attractive.

Decor Fireplace Wall with Accent Color

You can paint your fireplace wall with bold accent colors, fairy lights, artwork, and candles. It's a relatively inexpensive method to create faux fireplaces. You can change the flow of the living room by adopting this creativity. You can also decorate it with a mantelpiece when the season changes.

Source A Second Fireplace

If the cost of fireplaces is out of your budget, you can easily purchase a second-hand fireplace and renew it by making changes. Second-hand fireplaces are easy to reshape and paint.
You can also put them on the inner wall and décor the surrounding space so it will look creative.

Make It Center Stage and Conceal The TV

It's best to decorate your fireplaces with abstract white artwork and dark paint.
On the other hand, if you place your TV above the fireplace and add some artwork near the fireplace by placing a masterpiece, it becomes the viewers' focal point. You can also add built-in shelving or bookcases on the wall.
So, your TV will disappear, and the fireplace will become the focal point.

Opt For a Textural Look

This type of fireplace gives a Boho look with a lot of natural texture. You can decorate it with painted wood paneled walls, marble, natural wooden candle stands, the stone of the Buddha, ceramic jars and a beaded light fitting. All these antique pieces are created skillfully on top if you have a plain ordinary marble fireplace and hearth.


Fireplaces are not just a way to provide you warm and cozy environment, but they also enhance home value. Fireplaces provide architectural and visual intrigue to your living room or outdoors. In this article, we have discussed some types of fireplaces: wood burning, gas burning, electric, ethanol burning and creative ideas to décor your fireplaces. Fireplaces are decorated with stonework and painted walls. Using mantels, placing masterpieces, and DIY dark colours will make your living space or bedroom with interior design goals. I hope this article will help you to decorate your homes with fireplace decorations.